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Xtremeclean & Njord


What Products Do We Use at Xtremeclean?



Njord Advanced Liquid Cleaning Technology is part of a range of high-performance cleaning products offered by Njord. These products are engineered and manufactured in the UK, with a focus on creating job-specific chemical solutions that provide powerful safe cleaning results for carpets, upholstery, and floors. The technology behind these products leverages advanced chemistry to achieve superior cleaning performance, which has been positively reviewed by users for its effectiveness in real-world applications.


Xtremeclean chooses Njord cleaning products for their superior efficiency and safety standards, ideal for homes with families and pets. Njord's formulations are not only effective in tackling the toughest stains, dirt and odours but are also wool-safe and designed with non-toxic ingredients, ensuring they do not harm pets or family members during or after cleaning. This commitment to safety and quality makes Njord a trusted choice for Xtremeclean, aligning with their goal to provide environmentally responsible and family-friendly cleaning solutions

Xtremeclean & Njord
Njord - Advanced Liquid Chemistry


Xtremeclean recommended Njord cleaning products for their efficiency and superior results. The products, which include high-performance detergents and presprays, are particularly noted for their effectiveness in tackling tough stains and dirt quickly and effectively, thus enabling professional cleaners to achieve excellent results with less effort. The brand’s commitment to innovation in cleaning technology and its focus on developing solutions tailored for the carpet cleaning industry are key factors in this endorsement. These attributes make Njord products a favored choice for professionals seeking reliable and powerful cleaning solutions.

More information can be found at NJORD

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