Xtremeclean - Carpet Cleaning Essex


Blast Dirt. Abolish Stains. Banish Odours.

Ever since we were founded in 1995, Xtremeclean have become one of the most trusted household names for professional carpet cleaning services. We are not a standard 'cheap' carpet cleaning service and don't pretend to be professionals, we are professionals, specialists of the carpet cleaning industry.


When choosing Xtremeclean you can take comfort that you're in the safest hands to clean and restore sensitive, natural fibre carpet types such as Wool, Cotton & Silk or synthetic fibre carpet types including Nylon, Olefin & Polyester. We won't shrink, bleach or damage your carpets or cause unhealthy odours in your family home as we are fully trained & experienced in all types of carpet compositions.


The products we use are premium, quality & non-toxic, so safe for your carpets but more importantly your family & pets. We also use the most powerful carpet cleaning system available, a superior Truck-Mounted machine that literally outperforms conventional portable machines. It's powerful vac blower recovers moisture at an excessive rate, giving carpets quicker drying times. It also cleans at extreme heats, blasting soils and stains from the carpet pile, even the world's worst soiled carpet wouldn't stand a chance!


You're guaranteed a trustworthy, honest & high quality service, the very why reason thousands of customers return and recommended us. Contact us now for fresh smelling, stain free clean carpets in your home.