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How is a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service Priced?

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Professional Carpet Cleaning Prices Brentwood & Essec
Carpet Steam Cleaning

Keeping your carpet's best shape and extending their lifespan wouldn’t be possible without a deep and professional carpet cleaning service at least once a year. Vacuuming regularly is not enough as your home machine only removes the top ¼ layer of your carpets pile. It is also not enough to remove stubborn stains and unpleasant odours.

That’s when and why you need to call in a skilled professional carpet cleaner company that are knowledgeable and equipped to remove stubborn stains, extract dirt, soil, and other debris before they go down deep into your carpets’ fibres. Expert cleaning also eliminates the trapped bacteria, pollen, dust, and other contaminants in your carpet that can be released into the air and pose a health risk to you and your family.

Allotting a portion of your budget to an annual professional carpet cleaning cost is essential if you want to maximize your carpet’s usage and aesthetic value. If you don’t have an idea about the price range of the different cleaning services that your carpet may need, read below and educate yourself on the things you have to know about professional cleaning services and their respective rates.

Carpet cleaning prices can vary from one company to another. They have different rates depending on the equipment they use, your home’s layout, and your carpet’s condition. One thing is for sure, a carpet that is regularly vacuumed and yearly deep-cleaned will keep the professional carpet cleaning cost at a minimum.

The cleaning companies usually have a standard pricing per square foot. Let’s say you have a small bedroom measuring 12 feet by 18 feet that are carpeted with a synthetic fiber product. The rate for this will fall between 40p - 50p per square foot.

Factors that influence carpet cleaning pricing

As mentioned above, the carpet cleaning industry’s standard practice is to charge by the square foot and that the normal range is between 0.40p - 0.50p. Armed with this information, you already know that it will be helpful to estimate how much your carpet cleaning costs will be if you know your home’s square footage. Just take note that most companies have a minimum square foot or a number of rooms requirement.

The total professional carpet cleaning cost can increase because of several factors. Higher fees will be asked for difficult-to-reach areas such as stairways. More labour time will be added to your bill as cleaners will spend long hours cleaning these areas thoroughly using smaller or specialized tools.

Eliminating pet odours and stains will also require you to pay extra as specialised cleaning products are needed to perform these jobs accurately. The normal rate for pet stains and odours of many cleaning service providers is around £25 -£50 per stain. They may also provide a specific quote depending on the stain your carpet has.

You will again pay additional fees if you want extra protection applied to your carpets like Scotchgard™ after they are cleaned. The typical flat rate for this supplementary service is 50% of the carpet cleaning cost

Pricing for Furnished versus Unfurnished Rooms

Companies offering professional cleaning services for carpets generally charge more to clean empty rooms than furnished ones. The reason is that in an empty place, they will have to do extensive wall-to-wall cleaning while there is less carpet to be cleaned in a room with full-furnishing.

Labour Costs

Perhaps the most significant expense involved in cleaning the carpets in your home is the labor costs for the professional cleaners who perform the job. You need to remember that the final amount that you will pay will vary based on the labor hours required in cleaning your carpets. Complicated floor plans, furnishings, and heavily soiled or stained carpets can all make professional carpet cleaning costs go up as these require more labor and take long hours to clean. At Xtremeclean we are upfront and honest with our prices.

Types of Carpets to be Cleaned

Most of the carpets being sold in the market today are made solely from synthetic fibers. However, many carpets are made of wool, and some are made by combining synthetic and wool fabrics. Although many carpet cleaning companies offer the same basic rate for all carpets irrespective of the fiber content, the materials and techniques needed to clean a specific fabric may still affect the overall costs. For synthetic-fiber carpets, the standard cleaning method used is hot water cleaning and steam extraction. But for wool or wool-blend carpets, a professional carpet cleaner may use wool sensitive products or even a dry-cleaning technique.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

As noted above, professional cleaning companies addressing carpet needs offer two primary cleaning methods. Steam/hot water extraction and dry cleaning. At Xtremeclean, we use a Truck-Mounted carpet system which is the most powerful and efficient system available. It allows us to clean at superior temperatures and power than a standard portable cleaner. We also us our own power (petrol) and water as its supplied from our truck-mounted unit.

Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning)

With this method, a cleaning tech will use and apply cleaning agents combined with hot water to your carpets. A pressurized cleaning machine is used so that the cleanser solution and the water/steam will penetrate into the carpet fibres. This specialised machine also has rotating and vibrating brushes that address dirt and debris. Another device is used to extract the soil, water, and cleaning solution. Once the cleaning process is done, the professional cleaner leaves the carpet to dry.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

With this method, the cleaning tech will apply a dry powdered cleaning solution to your carpets. They then use a rotating brush (crb) to loosen the carpet fibre's and allow the cleaning agent to get into them. The cleanser absorbs the dirt and other debris trapped in the fibers. A specialised extraction device is used to extract the waste and cleaning compound.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is a traditional method of carpet cleaning. It uses very little water as most of its cleansing action comes as the result of a special cleaning agent. Once it has been applied to the carpet, this method requires a certain amount of scrubbing it in, traditionally using circular motions, for the product to cause dirt particles to become loose enough to be absorbed with ease.

Simply put, a bonnet system works much like a floor buffer by producing circular motions that aim at loosening and removing dirt particles from the carpet or rug. A carpet cleaning bonnet also features an absorbent spin pad that attracts and absorbs a majority of the dirt particles, transferring them to a specially-designed pouch that can be later emptied and cleaned.

As a rule of thumb, dry and bonnet cleaning is cheaper than steam or hot water extraction cleaning. It is also a faster process as it requires less drying time.

Feel free to contact us now or visit our price page at Xtremeclean ECO

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